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mollycoddle | mollycoddler

mollycoddle mollycoddler
be over indulgent or protective
  • How to Memorize
    • mollycoddle - indulge
  • Analysis

    If you ‘mollycoddle’ somebody, you treat them with excessive kindness and try to shield them from anything unpleasant. The word has negative connotations as such behaviour usually leads to entitlement, weakness of character, and resentment from others.

  • Exam DBSpoken DBOther
    Synonymscossetpamper, overprotect,
    Antonymsdiscipline, oppress, mistreat,
  • Example(s)
    1. I refuse to mollycoddle new recruits because I believe that they need to learn from their mistakes.

    2. The coach mollycoddles Alex and lets him away with everything because he is the best player in the team.

    3. If you don’t stop being such a mollycoddler to your children, they will become spoilt and unable to look after themselves.