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careful with great attention to detail

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meticulous - careful

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To be ‘meticulous’ is to be rigorous or even excessive in the consideration or treatment of details. In many contexts, this is a highly desirable trait as it limits, if not eliminates, mistakes and increases quality, particularly in a professional environment. However, it can sometimes result in tedium and a lack of spontaneity or innovation.

Synonyms conscientious,rigorous
Antonyms careless,negligent

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  1. Carol is a meticulous researcher. She really pores over every detail when compiling a report.

  2. Due to our accountant’s meticulousness, there are never any discrepancies when we come to review the figures.

  3. I know you like to meticulously plan your itinerary weeks ahead of a trip, but why not allow for a bit of spontaneity for a change?

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