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mendacity - lying

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The formal word ‘mendacity’ expresses a lack of honesty and integrity. If someone is known for this type of behaviour then they lie frequently and cannot be trusted. Such people are a source of great annoyance and frustration to others, and their actions often lead to a negative outcome. Most commonly encountered in written English, particularly print media.

Synonyms perjury,perfidy
Antonyms veracity

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  1. The board deliberately covered up evidence of malpractice within the organization in a shameful display of unscrupulousness and mendacity.

  2. An official review into why the company collapsed laid the lion’s share of the blame at the door of the former CEO who was described as being mendacious and incompetent.

  3. In times of crisis, there should be no tolerance of political mendacity. The government and other public officials must be totally honest with the people.

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