maladroit | maladroitness | maldroitly

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clumsy or awkward

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maladroit - clumsy

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A person described as being 'maladroit' is thought to be lacking grace in movement and/or insensitive and unskilled in dealing with somebody or something. This lack of proficiency in performance, thought, or movement means that such people often cause mishaps and misunderstandings that can be detrimental, especially in a professional environment.

Synonyms gauche,unwieldy,cumbersome
Antonyms proficient

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  1. Helen is a rather ungainly, maladroit person. She has an unfortunate habit of bumping into or tripping over things.

  2. Mike is a very accomplished businessman, but his maladroitness in social situations means that he struggles to make the contacts necessary to get ahead.

  3. It’s no wonder that team are so unproductive and divided. They are clearly being maladroitly managed by a man who is totally out of his depth.

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