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sad or serious

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lugubrious - sad

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To be ‘lugubrious’ is to be mournful, brooding, and morose, especially in a way that seems overly excessive or demonstrative. This word implies that rather than being stoic about your situation, you instead want everybody to see how upset or miserable you are. For that reason, ‘lugubriousness’ does not always elicit a great deal of sympathy.

Synonyms mournful
Antonyms jovial

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  1. I knew Danielle’s job interview hadn’t gone well as soon as I saw her lugubrious, tear-stained face.

  2. Despite the degree of sadness that the story entails, the journalist managed to avoid lugubriousness and sentimentality.

  3. After receiving the disappointing news, Jack lugubriously picked up his coat and trudged out of the room.

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