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on the threshold of something

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liminal - borderline

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The formal word ‘liminal’ is used in two main ways. Firstly, it relates to something that exists or occupies a position at a boundary or threshold between one thing and another. Secondly, it can express a transitional or intermediate stage of a process.

Synonyms transitional,interjacent,interstitial
Antonyms invariable,undeviating

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  1. I used the liminal period between the announcement that the company would soon be ceasing operations and the actual closure itself to draw up a new career path for myself.

  2. That market exists between the local and global, making it a place of liminality that acts as a bridge bringing the two together.

  3. I’m happy working in New York, but my friends and family are all still back in Dublin. That has left me in a liminal mental state. It’s as if I’m existing in two places at once.

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