licentious | licentiousness | licentiously

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behaving in an immoral or uncontrolled way

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licentious - immoral

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A person described as ‘licentious’ is considered to be lacking in moral discipline, sexually unrestrained, and/or without regard for social norms and conventions. For that reason, this formal word is always used as a means of expressing disapproval when applied in relation to a person. With regards to something else, such as writing, it can also be seen as daringly provocative.

Antonyms decorous,immaculate

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  1. Fame and wealth led to him adopting a reckless and licentious lifestyle which took its toll both physically and mentally.

  2. The speaker cited licentiousness and the lack of personal responsibility for the malaise that many young people are experiencing today.

  3. My next novel will deal with more adult themes as I have been given the green light to write more licentiously by my publisher.

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