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remain and suffer in an unpleasant situation

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languish - weaken

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To ‘languish’ is to lose vitality and become weak, typically because you find yourself, or are forced to stay, in a difficult place or situation, usually for a long time. This word has degrees of severity, ranging from an experience that is frustrating or unpleasant, to one that is so harrowing it can cause a person great mental and physical hardship or trauma.

Synonyms deteriorate,decline,wilt
Antonyms recuperate,thrive,flourish

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  1. They are traditionally one of the most successful teams, so it’s strange to see them languish near the bottom of the table.

  2. That author was languishing in obscurity for decades until one of her books was turned into a hit movie. Now she is one of the most talked-about writers out there.

  3. After a botched trial that involved a corrupt judge, the journalist languished in a foreign prison for years until justice was finally served and he was released.

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