lackadaisical | lackadaisically

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showing little enthusiasm or effort

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lackadaisical - lazy

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If you were to be ‘lackadaisical’ about something, you would display a lack of interest and put forth a half-hearted effort. It is perhaps not quite as strong as the similar meaning ‘lazy’, as it denotes more of a laid back approach or attitude to doing something, but it is still always used in a negative context.

Synonyms apathetic
Antonyms animated,enthusiastic,dynamic

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  1. There are a lot of lackadaisical students in my class. Nothing seems to motivate them.

  2. Your lackadaisical approach to dealing with troublesome staff is why morale in the office is so low.

  3. I’m not surprised Jack is still unemployed. He’s only been lackadaisically searching for a job.

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