juxtapose | juxtaposition

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put different things together to compare or contrast them

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juxtapose - compare

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When you ‘juxtapose’ something, you typically put together different things that are not normally put together so that the differences between them are emphasized. You can also do this in order to create an interesting effect, or make a particular point. For those reasons, you may often see things juxtaposed in artwork or advertising.

Synonyms differentiate,splice,correlate
Antonyms diverge,disperse

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  1. Our projected profit margin may not seem like much on its own, but if we juxtapose it with other companies in the industry, it becomes much more impressive.

  2. The painter’s juxtaposition of the green forest in the foreground and the polluted city in the background is quite startling.

  3. By juxtaposing her company’s environmental efforts with that of her rivals, the entrepreneur gained a lot of positive media attention.

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