inundate | inundated

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overwhelm or overrun with something

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inundate - overwhelm

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The word ‘inundate’ can be used in both a literal and figurative way. Literally, it can express an area being swamped by a deluge of water, such as in a flood. Figuratively, and more commonly, it is used to describe a person or place being overwhelmed with too much of something so that it cannot be properly dealt with. Can have both positive and negative connotations.

Synonyms overrun,engulf
Antonyms sparse,insufficient

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  1. There are fears that the floods will inundate various vulnerable communities that are situated near rivers.

  2. Ever since we had that issue with our product, we’ve been inundated with complaints from angry customers.

  3. Sarah was inundated with messages of support after she was diagnosed with cancer. She said they really helped her stay positive.

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