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rude and lacking respect

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insolent - rude

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If somebody were to speak or behave in a bold and contemptuous way, then they could be described as being ‘insolent'. Such people are very difficult to work with or be around as they tend to be discourteous, disruptive, and intent on putting their own interests and wants above that of everybody else. This word is therefore used to express disapproval.

Antonyms biddable

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  1. As team leader, I took the decision to remove Gary from the group. I simply couldn’t work with somebody so insolent and hostile.

  2. When I scolded my daughter for her bad behaviour, she just laughed insolently. Her attitude has got to change.

  3. I don’t mind if one of my students disagrees with me, but the blunt way David went about it bordered on insolence.

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