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iniquity | iniquitous

iniquity iniquitous
something very unfair
  • How to Memorize
    • iniquity - injustice
  • Analysis

    An ‘iniquity’ is a gross injustice or an immoral, discriminatory act or situation. This formal word is most commonly used with regards to business and politics, and implies something that needs to be put right. The phrase ‘den of iniquity’ is used to denote a place considered to be sinful or repellent.

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  • Example(s)
    1. That political movement are calling for government reparations to compensate for what they consider to be an egregious past inequity.

    2. Corruption and bullying was commonplace in the company I used to work for. It was a den of iniquity.

    3. Staff pay, compared to the profits the business generates every year, is iniquitous. That’s why industrial action is being proposed.