indomitable | indomitability

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full of determination and courage

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indomitable - courageous

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A person who is ‘indomitable’ is very strong in mind and spirit with a fearless determination that makes them extremely difficult to defeat or subdue. Such a never-say-die attitude is of great benefit in all aspects of life, helping people to overcome and succeed in a variety of difficult situations.

Synonyms resolute,unyielding
Antonyms insecure,submissive

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  1. Despite the many challenges and setbacks he faced, Steven got his business up and running thanks to his indomitable will.

  2. Anne was close to death on a number of occasions last year with her illness, but her indomitability saw her through.

  3. As a fearless and tireless journalist who always fought to tell the truth, Susan was an indomitable figure in the industry.

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