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instil a one-sided view of something in somebody

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indoctrinate - instil

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If you ‘indoctrinate’ somebody, you train them through repetitive instruction to accept a particular set of beliefs, particularly political or religious ones. The goal is to get them to a point where they accept whatever you say unquestioningly and aggressively reject contrary ideas or opinions. This word is used disapprovingly as such a state of mind is often destructive to the individual and those around them.

Antonyms anaesthetize

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  1. Our teacher spent years feeding us propaganda for that political ideology in class. It was clear that she was trying to indoctrinate us.

  2. That dictatorship still continues to this day thanks to a programme of mass indoctrination that begins when each citizen is just a child.

  3. The terrorist carried out his attack on that ethnic group because he had been indoctrinated to believe that they were his enemies.

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