incriminate | incrimination | incriminatory

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make somebody appear guilty

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incriminate - accuse

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If something were to ‘incriminate’ you, it would provide evidence of your involvement in a crime or wrongdoing. The word is frequently used in professional context, particularly in relation to legal or disciplinary matters where proof of wrongdoing is essential for justice to be fairly administered.

Synonyms denounce,indict
Antonyms exculpate,acquit,vindicate

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  1. The suspect being interviewed by the police refused to answer any of their questions as he was afraid that he might accidentally incriminate himself.

  2. The official report into the company’s suspicious financial dealings will either lead to their exoneration or incrimination.

  3. I should never have been fired for professional misconduct without the presence of incriminatory evidence, so I’m going to take my former employer to court.

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