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not existing in physical form

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incorporeal - immaterial

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Something that has no material form or substance can be called ‘incorporeal’. This formal word implies intangibility or something that typically can’t be seen or touched, yet is felt or believed to exist. As it is based more on faith than science or logic, this term is often used in relation to religion or spiritual beings such as ghosts.

Synonyms intangible,ethereal
Antonyms tactile,perceptible,substantive

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  1. Our manager invoked incorporeal concepts such as faith, trust, and belief when discussing how to improve morale in the office.

  2. A unifying theme in the majority of the world’s religions is that the human soul is incorporeal and immortal.

  3. Lisa is convinced that the house she stayed in last week is haunted. She said she felt the presence of a strange, incorporeal being.

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