(in)aptitude | aptitudinal

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(lack of) natural ability or skill

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inaptitude - inability

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If you have a talent for doing something, whether innate or learned, it can be said that you have an ‘aptitude’ for it. This is something very positive and a great indicator of success in whatever field your ability lies. An ‘inaptitude’, on the other hand, is a lack of ability or skill. Unsurprisingly, this hindrance only leads to negative outcomes.

Synonyms ineptitude,inadequacy
Antonyms predominance,efficacy

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  1. Tom undoubtedly worked hard, but his inaptitude meant that the management role was simply too much for him. That’s why he was demoted.

  2. I was nervous about starting my first teaching job, but I was delighted to discover that I seem to have a natural aptitude for it.

  3. The tests we set job candidates are not aptitudinal. Instead, they focus more on personality traits.

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