impervious | imperviousness | imperviable

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not capable of being harmed or impacted

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impervious - immune

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‘Impervious’ comes from the Latin word for ‘impenetrable’, and was once used to express something that does not allow a substance, such as water, to pass through it. The term has since been adapted so that being ‘impervious’ to something means it cannot or does not affect you. It is often followed by the word ‘to’ and a noun.

Synonyms impenetrable,indifferent
Antonyms permeable,receptive

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  1. He doesn’t seem to care about all the bad things people say about him. It’s like he’s impervious to criticism.

  2. I believe that the organization is being held back by some of the senior executives' imperviousness to change.

  3. A lot of the company's policies have been deliberately misinterpreted. We need to create ones that are more imperviable.

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