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overly dramatic and emotional

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histrionic - theatrical

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To be ‘histrionic’ is to act in an over-the-top and insincere way in order to gain sympathy or attention. The word implies that such behaviour is more suited to a theatre stage than real life. It is used exclusively in a disapproving context as histrionic people tend to be unreliable and irritating to others. Most commonly seen in its plural form.

Synonyms melodramatic,pretentious
Antonyms apathetic

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  1. I wouldn’t trust Paul in a leadership position. He has a tendency to become histrionic when put under pressure.

  2. Stop making such a fuss about everything! I have enough on my plate without having to deal with your histrionics!

  3. Instead of panicking and making histrionic gestures, why don’t you just calm down and try to resolve the issue rationally?

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