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a pause or break in something

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hiatus - break

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The formal word ‘hiatus’ express a temporary halt or interruption to the normal flow of things. The term has both positive and negative connotations. If the intermission was enforced or caused by circumstances beyond your control, then feelings of anger or frustration may arise, but sometimes a hiatus from something is taken voluntarily in order to consider things, achieve another goal, or to simply take a break.

Synonyms respite,interval
Antonyms continuation,resumption

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  1. There was a four-month hiatus in production due to the pandemic, but we expect normal service to resume in a matter of days.

  2. Jane decided to return to teaching after taking a 5-year hiatus in order to start a family.

  3. I feel that I need to take a hiatus from my job to examine things and consider what I really want to do with my life.

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