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the pursuit of pleasure

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hedonism - self-indulgence

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The formal word ‘hedonism’ refers to a belief or set of principles that promote the idea that your own happiness and enjoyment are the most important things in life. Dedicating your existence to deriving the maximum amount of pleasure for yourself typically results in self-indulgent, destructive, and often immoral behaviour. As such, the term generally has negative connotations.

Synonyms gratification,dissipation
Antonyms asceticism

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  1. Individualistic hedonism is incompatible with the kind of society they have in that country. Everything there is about the greater good.

  2. My job requires me to attend a lot of functions and network, but people often get the wrong idea and think I’m some kind of narcissistic hedonist!

  3. Since John moved to that big city, he seems to always be going out drinking and partying with friends. I really wish he wouldn’t engage in such hedonistic behaviour.

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