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hamstring | hamstrung

hamstring hamstrung
render powerless
  • How to Memorize
    • hamstring - handicap
  • Analysis

    The hamstring muscle plays a very important function in propelling the body forward. For that reason, injury to that area can be very debilitating. That fact has been adapted into a verb so that if you were to ‘hamstring’ somebody or something, you would limit their options or hinder their ability to take a particular course of action. Most commonly used in relation to business, politics, and finance.

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    Antonymsgalvanizeembolden, invigorate,
  • Example(s)
    1. John believes that excessive regulations in the financial sector only serve to hamstring growth. He prefers a laissez-faire approach.

    2. Construction of the facility has been hamstrung by budgetary cuts. It’s now unclear when it can be completed.

    3. Sarah is not being a team player. Instead, she is trying to hamstring me at every turn because she wants to be the project leader instead of me.