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to complain about something

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grouse - complain

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The word ‘grouse’ refers to a small, ground-dwelling game bird but for unknown reasons has been adapted as an informal way of expressing the act of grumbling or whining about something. It is in this latter sense that the term is most commonly encountered today. It generally has negative connotations, being associated with a lack of resolve or a cranky demeanour.

Synonyms kvetch,yammer
Antonyms embolden

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  1. The main grouse that the workers have is that they are not paid enough, so we are looking at ways of resolving that to avoid industrial action.

  2. It can be hard to be around Alex because he is always grousing about something. I wish he could learn to be more stoic.

  3. Tom groused that I wasn’t pulling my weight on the project, but I did everything that was asked of me.

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