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lofty or overly fancy in style

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grandiloquent - fancy

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The formal word ‘grandiloquent’ is used to describe a way of speaking that is overly ornate and deliberately complicated in order to attract admiration and attention. It implies that the person talking in such a way wishes to make themselves or the subject they are discussing seem important. Typically used to express disapproval.

Synonyms grandiose
Antonyms unpretentious

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  1. Simon’s presentation was delivered enthusiastically and was full of grandiloquent language, but there was little substance to it.

  2. The CEO’s speech was flowery and elaborate, but if she really wants to impress people then she needs to back up her grandiloquence with real action.

  3. Although the novel was grandiloquent and swaggering at times, there was enough subtlety and wit to keep me reading to the end.

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