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a person who regularly consumes more than is needed

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glutton - greedy

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The word ‘glutton’ is used in two main ways. Firstly, it describes a person who has a hearty appetite for something, particularly food or drink. In this context it has only negative connotations, being associated with greed, self-indulgence, and a lack of discipline. Secondly, the term can be used to refer to somebody who has the ability to endure, and perhaps even enjoy, something arduous. In this context, it may often be used humorously and appear as the phrase ‘a glutton for punishment'.

Synonyms guzzler,gannet

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  1. Barry is such a disgusting glutton. At every lunch he heaps his plate full of food, leaving little for everybody else.

  2. Can you believe Susan volunteered to come into work this weekend? She must be a glutton for punishment!

  3. That politician is known to be a ruthless operator. He has a gluttonous love of money and power.

  4. The environmentalist claimed that human gluttony has caused untold damage to the planet and dwindled our natural resources.

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