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too much of something

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glut - surplus

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The word ‘glut’ denotes an amount or supply of something that is much greater than is needed, wanted, or can be handled. It has both positive and negative connotations. A plethora of opportunities, for example, can be a good thing, but a surplus in a business context can result in difficulties when it comes to sales and use.

The word ‘glutton’, meaning a person who consumes to excess, is a related term, though it is not directly derived.

Synonyms excess
Antonyms scarcity,absence

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  1. Lisa is highly educated and experienced. There is a glut of job opportunities out there for people like that.

  2. Due to the pandemic, the market is glutted with oil. That’s why the price has dropped to a near-record low.

  3. The recent glut of law graduates has meant that more and more people are vying for fewer and fewer available positions.

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