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a feeling of happiness and excitement

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glee - happiness

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Something that gives you ‘glee’ thrills you and makes you feel full of joy. It inspires the kind of high-spirited exaltation that might make a person dance or shout with delight. However, the word is not always used in a positive sense. You might often see or hear it used to express satisfaction at getting the better of somebody or at their misfortune.

Synonyms delight,ecstasy
Antonyms heartbreak,anguish

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  1. I have never been on good terms with Helen, so she could scarcely contain her glee when I was fired from the organization.

  2. When Emily and I told our families about her pregnancy, they were nearly as gleeful as us about it!

  3. John had wanted to visit Australia for years, so when a friend gave him the chance, he gleefully accepted.

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