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a cruel person

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ghoul - heartless

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Originally, a ‘ghoul’ was an imaginary evil spirit or demon that was said to take bodies from graves and consume them. It has since been adapted to refer to somebody who is considered particularly cruel and heartless. Such people typically take pleasure in the suffering of others and enjoy things that the majority would consider deeply shocking or unpleasant. This word is, therefore, used to express strong disapproval.

Synonyms monstrosity
Antonyms munificent

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  1. Our boss is seriously ill in hospital and all Bobby can think about is how that will impact the bonuses we were due to be paid. What a ghoul that man is.

  2. We must oppose the committee’s ghoulish plan to reopen the factory so soon after an accident that caused a number of deaths. It is highly inappropriate and cruel to the other workers.

  3. Some ghouls in the media celebrated when the controversial politician was struck down by the virus. It was a strikingly inhumane and unprofessional reaction.

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