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inspiring fear and horror

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ghastly - awful

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Something described as ‘ghastly’ is considered more than just thoroughly unpleasant, it is also shocking and horrifying. It is similar in spelling and meaning to ‘ghostly’, so a good way to remember how to use this word is to think of what your reaction would be if you were to encounter such a supernatural vision of death. The word can also be used as an exaggeration for effect, particularly when describing somebody you do not like.

Synonyms gruesome
Antonyms enchanting,appealing

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  1. I read about a ghastly murder in the papers this morning. It was very disturbing.

  2. The play I saw last night was absolutely ghastly! I left the theatre 30 minutes before the end.

  3. I don’t know how you can work with Tim. He’s the ghastliest man I’ve ever come across.

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