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show too much respect

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genuflect - bow

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The formal word ‘genuflect’ was initially used to describe bending one or both knees when in a church or other holy place as a sign of respect to God. While it is still applied in that way, it is now more commonly used in a negative context to express being overly deferential to somebody or something.

Synonyms prostrate
Antonyms flout

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  1. The CEO only surrounds herself with people who will genuflect to her. I feel that has a significantly detrimental impact on her decision making.

  2. As the parishioners entered the church before mass, each stopped to genuflect in front of the altar before taking their seats.

  3. Critics claim that the President’s genuflection to oil and gas companies has stymied the efforts of campaigners to see a decrease in carbon emissions.

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