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frugal | frugally | frugality

frugal frugally frugality
careful in use of resources
  • How to Memorize
    • frugal - economical
  • Analysis

    A ‘frugal’ person is economical when it comes to using money or food. It also implies an absence of luxury and simplicity of lifestyle that is absent from most people’s lives. For that reason, the word has positive connotations, being associated with discipline and prudence rather than stinginess.

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    Synonymsparsimoniousthrifty, prudent,
  • Example(s)
    1. I am very disciplined when it comes to food, so my meals are always frugal.

    2. Money is tight at the moment, so the business is having to operate quite frugally.

    3. I try to live without much luxury in my life as I believe in the benefits of frugality.