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lacking warmth

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frigid - cold

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The word ‘frigid' is used in both a literal and figurative sense to refer to something intensely cold or frosty. Literally, it can be applied to a chilly temperature, such as the type you might find in your refrigerator. Figuratively, it can be used disapprovingly to describe somebody’s aloof personality or an atmosphere of general unfriendliness.

Synonyms chilly,frosty
Antonyms boiling

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  1. I’m clearly not very popular with the boss. There’s always a frigid atmosphere when I walk into her office.

  2. Due to the frigidity of the weather, I would suggest you wrap up very warm before you venture outside.

  3. Jane interacts with people quite frigidly which often leads to them mistaking her aloofness for arrogance.

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