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a noisy argument or fight

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fracas - clash

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A ‘fracas’ refers to a typically short, noisy quarrel that can entail words or physical confrontation. It usually involves a number of people and implies something quite messy, disorganized, and rough. For that reason, it is a term often used to describe a drunken brawl or something that is similarly undignified and shameful.

Synonyms disturbance
Antonyms harmony

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  1. It started as an exchange of words among a group of people in the bar, but soon the fracas spilled out onto the street.

  2. The fracas in the office began when Peter took offence at what he felt were disparaging remarks made to him. The whole episode was most unedifying.

  3. When the fight broke out in the park, I quickly moved the children away from the fracas so they did not get hurt or upset.

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