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stop helping or supporting somebody, or stop using or doing something

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forsake - abandon

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In its simplest terms, to ‘forsake’ means to abandon. You can forsake something as varied as a particular career path, a plan you made, or a country you are living in. In that context it implies a change of mind or new direction in your life. With regards to forsaking a person, the act is often cruel as it is typically done when the person is most in need of support, even if they have done something wrong.

Synonyms renounce,surrender
Antonyms abide,maintain,support

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  1. Sarah decided to forsake a career in finance to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

  2. Now that I’m on a higher pay scale at work, I’m considering forsaking my plans to emigrate.

  3. Since Brian was found guilty, all his friends have forsaken him. Only his wife is sticking by him in this difficult time.

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