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marked by extravagance and showiness

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flamboyant - showy

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To be ‘flamboyant’ means to behave or dress in a flashy way that makes you very noticeable, stylish, or exciting. However, the word does not connote taste or class. In fact, the level of ostentatiousness and pageantry involved often borders on tackiness. That does not mean that it is used in a negative context, rather it is something considered fun and frivolous.

Synonyms extravagant,pretentious
Antonyms modest,restrained,tasteful

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  1. Part of the reason Elvis was so loved was because he was a wonderfully flamboyant performer who always got the crowd on their feet.

  2. Our manager is certainly not known for his flamboyance. He wears a grey suit to work every day.

  3. The speaker delivered her speech quite flamboyantly, using an excitable voice and a lot of hand gestures to make her points.

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