filibuster | filibusterer

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delay or stop a law being made through a very long speech

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filibuster - stall

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If you ‘filibuster’ then you speak for as long as is required to use up time in a law-making assembly so as to prevent a vote taking place on the ratification of a new law or legislation. Such an act usually requires a great deal of perseverance and fortitude, and can greatly frustrate others. Most commonly used in relation to politics.

Synonyms stonewall,obstruct
Antonyms impetus,catalyst

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  1. The senator spoke for 12 hours without taking a break. His filibuster succeeded in indefinitely postponing a vote on the bill.

  2. Ted opposes the new legislation but he’s not a filibusterer, so he won’t try to block it through those means.

  3. Many are in favour of abolishing the legislative filibuster. They believe it makes it the ratification process too laborious.

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