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intense and active behaviour

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febrile - feverish

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The word ‘febrile’ can be used in a literal and figurative sense. Literally, it is used in a medical context to describe symptoms or behaviour marked or caused by fever. In a figurative and more commonly used sense, it expresses a state of great excitement, activity, or energy. In the latter context, it can have both positive and negative connotations. ‘Febrile’ is pronounced ‘feh-brile' not ‘fee-brile’ as many assume.

Synonyms frenetic
Antonyms apathetic

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  1. I visited Africa for a number of important trade discussions, but spent much of the time laid low with a febrile illness.

  2. There was a febrile atmosphere in the city as the parade drew near. It really was a cause of great excitement.

  3. Incessant negative news reports about the situation has created a feeling of fear and febrility among the population.

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