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pay great attention to detail

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fastidious - fussy

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If somebody is ‘fastidious’, they show or demand a high level of focus on the details or minutiae of something. The word is generally used in a negative context, implying fussiness or a person who is impossible to please. When it is used in a positive sense, it tends to be in relation to somebody whose excessive attention to detail makes them reliable and well-organized.

Synonyms scrupulous,particular
Antonyms indifferent,lax,careless

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  1. It’s best to just let Adam get on with the task himself. He is very fastidious about how things should be done.

  2. I usually don’t approve of fastidiousness, but Helen’s attention to detail was of great benefit when we were reorganizing those files.

  3. The house doesn’t need to be cleaned too fastidiously. Just give it a quick once-over.

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