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convenient but not always correct

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expedient - convenient

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Something ‘expedient’ provides a quick and opportune means of achieving or doing something. Sometimes that works out for the best, but this formal word can also imply that the easy solution is not necessarily a moral one or one that is best in the long-term. Can therefore be used in both a positive and negative context.

Synonyms prudent
Antonyms indecorous,omissible

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  1. Due to media pressure, the government thought it politically expedient to scrap the legislation. However, people are going to suffer in the long run because of it.

  2. Our financial situation is not beyond rescuing just yet. If we were to take certain measures with ruthless expedience then I believe we could turn things around.

  3. A number of vital safety issues were expediently ignored so that construction work could be completed before the deadline.

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