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exhilarate | exhilarating | exhilaration

exhilaration exhilarating exhilarate
a strong feeling of excitement and happiness
  • How to Memorize
    • exhilaration - delight
  • Analysis

    Unlike other terms that share a similar meaning, such as ‘elation’, ‘exhilaration’ is often used in the context of thrill-seeking. In other words, it is commonly used to describe something that causes a rush of adrenaline and stimulates a mixture of fear, excitement, and joy in somebody.

  • Exam DBSpoken DBOther
    Synonymsexuberanceeuphoria, exhalation,
    Antonymsgloom, despair, depression,
  • Example(s)
    1. It was wonderful to share the exhilaration of victory with my teammates.

    2. Sky-diving was an exhilarating experience. It was a thrill from start to finish.

    3. The movie’s big-budget special effects and dramatic set pieces are likely to exhilarate cinema-going fans.