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evocative - suggestive

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If something is described as ‘evocative’ then it is considered to be charming and/or captivating due to its ability to produce memories, emotions, ideas, or some other strong response in people. Often used in relation to music, art, or something that one would consider to be beautiful or inspiring. For that reason, it is almost always used in a positive context.

Synonyms resonant
Antonyms etiolated,indistinct

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  1. The music played by the violinist at the concert was highly evocative. It made me think back to my childhood.

  2. When I visited the gallery, I was struck by the artist’s landscape paintings. They were so evocatively crafted that I felt I was actually there.

  3. Seeing pictures from when I was in university managed to evoke strong feelings of nostalgia in me. They were very happy times.

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