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a word or phrase used as a replacement for something more offensive

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euphemism - expression

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In the English language, there are many different ways of saying the same thing. A ‘euphemism’ is an especially polite or inoffensive substitute for something else that may be considered too blunt or likely to upset somebody. In a social or professional context, it may be appropriate to use a euphemism, but while it has diplomatic benefits, there is a risk that it will make what you are trying to say less easily understood.

Synonyms metaphor,understatement,substitute
Antonyms unceremonious

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  1. As a doctor, I prefer to use the euphemism that a patient has ‘passed away’ as it is less abrupt than ‘died’.

  2. The boss doesn’t like euphemistic language in the workplace. He prefers people to be totally blunt so that there are no misunderstandings.

  3. My company have euphemistically dubbed it as ‘gardening leave’, but the truth is I have been indefinitely suspended.

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