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choose or support a particular cause, belief, or way of life

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espouse - support

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The formal word ‘espouse’ originally meant ‘to marry’ but has since been adapted to express a different, though just as committed type of attachment in the form of adopting, promoting, or wedding yourself to something, such as a cause. The word can imply a degree of zealotry, which means that it is sometimes used in a negative context.

Synonyms advocate,appropriate,betroth
Antonyms abnegate

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  1. There is a large gap between the egalitarian beliefs our boss likes to espouse and his actions. In my book, that makes him something of a hypocrite.

  2. That group have been placed on a government watchlist due to their espousal of violence, rather than peaceful protest, as a way of enforcing change.

  3. I want our organization to remain apolitical, so staff are directed not to espouse political views while at work or on our social media platforms.

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