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fix or establish firmly

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entrench - establish

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To ‘entrench’ something in a literal sense means to plant or place it into a strong position which makes it very difficult to move. However, the word is more commonly used in a figurative sense to express something, like an idea or problem, that has been so firmly established that it is very difficult to challenge or change. In that context, the term is generally used disapprovingly.

Synonyms embed,lodge,implant
Antonyms loosen,displace,flimsy

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  1. The proposed takeover would entrench our position as the dominant force in the market.

  2. Every suggestion I make to the boss on how to modernize the business falls on deaf ears. He is just so entrenched in his outdated way of thinking.

  3. Political entrenchment is a problem in modern society. People don’t seem willing to have their ideas challenged or listen to what the other side has to say.

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