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relating to the sky or the heavens

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empyrean - heavenly

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The word ‘empyrean’ was originally used to refer to the highest heavenly sphere in medieval cosmology. It has since been adapted so that it is now used in three main ways. One is to describe the sky itself, particularly in a poetic way. Two is to express something that you consider to be awe-inspiring. Three is to refer to an ideal place or state. Most commonly encountered in written English.

Synonyms nirvana
Antonyms dystopian

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  1. That composer’s famous symphony is an empyrean masterpiece. It is just so uplifting and evocative.

  2. The new skyscraper that is being built will reach empyrean heights when it is completed. It will soar above every other building in the city.

  3. The group broke away from society and formed a self-reliant community devoid of any modern technology. They consider it to be an empyrean existence.

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