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cause somebody to become involved in something

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embroil - involve

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If somebody were to ‘embroil’ you in something, they would ensnare you in an argument or difficult situation that it is very tricky to get out of. It is always used in a negative context and implies something long-term and personally costly, which is why it is often encountered in relation to a legal dispute.

Synonyms implicate
Antonyms disillusion,alienate

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  1. I know that Tom would like nothing more than to embroil me in a costly lawsuit, which is why I’m refusing to rise to the bait.

  2. The prominent businessman was the latest high-profile figure to become embroiled in the controversy surrounding illegal tax havens.

  3. I have been embroiled in a dispute with my neighbour over our respective property boundaries for the past few years now. It has certainly been a stressful time.

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