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believing in the equality of all people

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egalitarian - equal

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An ‘egalitarian’ holds the belief that all people are equally important and should have or be given the same rights and opportunities in life as others. This formal word generally has positive connotations, implying equality and freedom. However, it can also sometimes be used in a negative context when taken too far or applied naively, especially in a professional environment.

Synonyms equitable,nonpartisan,commensurate
Antonyms hierarchical,disenfranchise

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  1. I believe in an egalitarian form of leadership where everybody is free to express their opinion regardless of rank or position.

  2. The boss’s egalitarianism is counterproductive. It often leads to indecision, procrastination, and a lack of clear drive and direction in the office.

  3. Since removing their dictator, that country has transformed into an egalitarian society free from oppression and cronyism.

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