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a lively person

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effervescent - lively

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In a literal sense, the word ‘effervescent’ describes a liquid that contains or releases bubbles of gas, like a fizzy drink. That usage has been adapted to figuratively refer to a bubbly, active, and excitable person or quality. In that sense, it is always used positively because such people are considered to be fun and uplifting to be around.

Synonyms buoyant
Antonyms melancholy

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  1. I assigned Jane to deal with the customers because they tend to react very favourably to her effervescent personality.

  2. The actor brought a distinct effervescence to the movie. Every scene he was in was imbued with humour and energy.

  3. Before my big job interview, I was filled with nerves, but also effervescent excitement at the opportunity before me.

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