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having feminine qualities

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effeminate - feminine

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The word ‘effeminate’ is used to describe a man who looks and/or behaves in a way that is considered more typical of a woman. The term is most commonly used to express disapproval at such behaviour, and is therefore frequently associated with close-mindedness, out-dated attitudes, and bullying. However, sometimes the application of the word is simply intended to be descriptive.

Synonyms effete,unmanly
Antonyms masculine,rugged

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  1. The male singer’s voice was quite high-pitched, bordering on effeminate, but it produced a pure and evocative sound.

  2. Peter’s father forbade him from doing ballet as a boy because he felt it was too effeminate. He ended up playing football instead.

  3. Sean quit the army after months of being routinely mocked and bullied for his apparent effeminacy.

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